Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letting it Go?

Dear Blog,
    There are things in our life we wanted to kept and can't wait to passing it down to the next generation. My family wanted me to sell some of my books but I just can't do it especially my Charmed and Sabrina the teenage witch novel series collection. You know when you're still in teenage life, collecting and buying something that you love. I love all my books but some of it, I have to let it go. That's part of life right.
    If I don't do it, my family gonna be mad or something. I just wanted to pass it down to my future children. But think again, will i ever gonna have a family of my own. I already grown up, my life is boring and useless. There's no man who is interested in me. I just a lonely soul but really not that lone because I still got my family and friends right.
   Well, I have to think hard what I'm going to do. Thanks for reading anyway...


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