Monday, March 1, 2010


Assalamualaikum semua~ how are u all today??? :) yana hari nie sihat sihat~ semalam birthday mak yana!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! so we celebrate at the restaurant :) kita orang buat family gathering sekali~ it was a fun birthday party!!! cake belom rasa lagi :P hehehe!!! so hari nie dah masuk bulan march.. makin lama makin dekat yana nak 24 tahun :( uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! wish i could stay 22 :P hehehe!!! so, semua jangan lupa birthday yana~

When I first gazed at you, the scent of wind filled the air
That dear smiling face
We were called to meet by a strange force, and realizing the
Significance of it, I had been searching below the spacious sky
For your warm eyes

Because this fate so beautifully
Makes my tears shine with brilliance
Whatever memories that I may keep with me
I had the feeling that I will not turn away again

The fingertip I reached out to you is becoming dyed in the
Deep color of darkness
Even if my distant dream of waking up in a cold storm
Someday comes true
Believing in everything that I have chosen
Is the power to change tomorrow

Because this fate so magnificently
Makes my skin shine with brilliance
Whatever sadness may come toward me
I will not be hurt again, if I have you with me

If I have you with me, if I have you with me


p/s - i still waiting for u.....


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