Saturday, January 9, 2010

Believe in you by Makoto kino~

How many times has it been when night has drawn up on you, and you've lost sight of the sun unnoticed.

The gray clouds mockingly pass by you.

When you realized it, you were left all alone in the endless darkness.

The sky freely crying down keeps striking you when you've lost sight of your dreams. It seems like eternity as you shiver in the violent rain.

Wait! Don't give up!

If you close your heart, soon you won't even be able to see those next to you. If you close your heart, soon you won't even be able to see the important ones next to you.

Just take courage, and open your eyelids, because it will be all right. Come on, it will be all right.

What's important is the courage to not close your eyes.

Slowly... Open them up. Come on, a little more.

Over that hill is... a big rainbow. Can you see it?

The flowers are laughing in the flooding light. The days of glistening wet trees, the gentle winds brushing the grass, the birds dancing in the sky. All of them, all of them are alive.

The important people by your side. The important ones by your side. All of them, all of them believe in you.

So don't give up.

Even stopping, even turning around isn't scary. But if you close your eyes, you can't go forward. The flowers and the grass and the trees, the wind and the birds and the sky, will lend you strength. Look, there is always light by your side.

...Hehe. You smiled.

It's all right. I know you'll be able to find your precious dream.

The road after the rain continues straight on.

It's all right. It's all right.

What's important is believing in everyone. And believing in yourself.

I'm watching you.

...I believe in you.


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