Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm not alone

I want to see you.

On nights that are a bit lonely, I close my eyes softly.

Your chest is so warm when you embrace by back gently. Just by that warmth, I know it's you.

You did stay by my side after all. You've always watched over me.

It's kind of embarrassing, but burying my face...

I slowly close my eyes, feeling filled with your warmth.

The scent of the gentle sun. Even like this, I feel you near me.

Hold me more, and tangle my hair.

I like you... I like you a lot... I love you... Oh, but, I don't know any stronger words...

How irritating.

Wrapped in the soft scent of the sun, I can be very gentle... And being gentle, I can still persist and go on.

I'm not strong. I'm... a careless, thoughtless girl, and I'll never be able to become well-behaved...

I'm just persevering, full of spirit.

That's all...

I'm not lonely.

You're watching me. You'll hold me tight. So I'll be all right...

On nights when the moon is so pretty I start wanting to cry, I close my eyes softly. I close my eyes softly. So...

I'll be all right...

...I'll be all right.


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