Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Moon de Aimashou

video lagu di atas adalah lagu kesukaan yana :D hehehe!!!! dengar lagu aje lah yerk~ gambar dia tak gerak2 but i hope all of u will enjoy it~ bawah nie translate dia ok, tajuk lagu nie ialah morning moon de aimashou (let's meet at morning moon)

Memories are not what are important to me
But instead it's my wish to see you
Even more than sadness what I am feeling is
That I'm glad to have been able to meet you

The wind of the clear cold daybreak
Dries the wet tears off of my cheek
Well, until next time, with a smiling face
Vigorously I wave my hand to you

*Remember morning moon
My voice calling out to you
If you heard it, fly back to me, with your winged shoes
Remember morning moon
If you believe in us
The seasons of ours will still continue on

Although we said goodbye, this is not the end
I think that we will meet someday
Even separated, we are not alone
That's right, we can speak in our hearts

Even if the pale moon of the daybreak
Is wiped away by the morning light
Like the sky is always high up above
I am always there by your side

Remember morning moon
Whenever you are lonely
Always cross the rainbow and go meet it
Remember morning moon
I am waiting and believing
The future of ours is one day after another



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