Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something to share~

Running... Running, running, running, and when I turn the next corner... You should be slowly climbing the same hill road. You're not here anymore. This morning I didn't like my hair. I couldn't tie the ribbon on my chest. The depths of my heart were creaking a bit... I'm not opening up to anybody. The secret of the 27 minutes of only my morning.

Spring... When I first laid eyes on you, the figure of your closed-collar uniform from behind was so masculine. In the flower petals dancing like flames, I was always charmed by your gentle eyes.

Summer... Your black sunburned arms sticking out from your white shirt were radiant.

Fall... I first turned my eyes away from your back, with my wristwatch stopped at that 22nd minute...

Winter... When the flowers danced, I picked up the charm dropped from your bag. Without looking up, I handed it to you, and ran away in two seconds.

Say... I wonder when you came to the Hikawa Shrine to buy that charm, the charm for success in school...

Then in the second spring, in the twilight of the slightly opening flower buds, I first caught sight of you on the same hill road after school. You, giving the second chest button to a cute girl with hair reaching to her shoulders, tied back in a pink ribbon. I guess I'll graduate without really knowing your name, your voice, or even your face. Like that time, the season will come again when the flower petals dance like flame...


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